Virtual WGC2010 Prievidza



Rules. Read carefully.

Teamspeak server is available 24/7. Bad language is prohibited on this server. You will be banned on teamspeak server and also on condor server for bad behaviour. Set push to talk in Teamspeak options and set it for same key It is highly recommended.

How to connect?

1. Download Teamspeak client from here.
2. Install it to your computer.
3. When you have install it click on connection in menu of teamspeak and then connect.
4. Right click with mouse in that white space and click on Add Server.
5. Now fill up like this:

Label : Virtual WGC2010
Server address:
Nickname: type your Nickname
Tick Anonymous
Password is name of old wooden glider in condor with capital letters and without space

6. Click connect button.
7. That's it, now choose your channel and have fun.


Time to start of
(WGC 2010):
-5041 DAYS | 0 HRS | -7 MINS


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