Virtual WGC2010 Prievidza


Rules and Regulations


As you know we are trying to make virtual flying as close to real as possible. Therefore we manage to use Annex A to Section 3 – Gliding. Scoring is also applied from this regulation used by FAI. DaecIndex will be used latest which will be probably different to that one included in Condor. You can download this file here.

Cloud flying is not allowed. Crash will be scored with 0 points. Crash is define as following: Pilot flown distance is bigger than 0 and he doesnt land safely. Recovery from mid air collisions will be allowed but it will be penalized by 200 penalty points. IGC and FTR files will be accepted only from pilots with racing status or on demand from supervisor .

Unofficial results will be published during day. Results will be validated after 0000UTC. This results will be official and we hope final .


1. server 1600UTC

1. server 1800UTC

1. server 2130UTC


To avoid cheating we developed few degrees of anti piracy.

1. There will be random check for your FTR file so store files for each flight. If you dont provide right FTR files your score for that task will be 0.

2. There is not specified number of pilots who will fly with you and report strange acting pilots.


1. All task will be 1000p


We wish you good and safe soaring.

Virtual WGC2010 Team.



Time to start of
( WGC 2010):
-5041 DAYS | 1 HRS | -7 MINS


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